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HRM Management

Our HRM software is a powerful and easy to use HRMS software that allows your HR team to start working more efficiently on utilizing their time and resource. It offers you wide range solutions for your human resource data management needs. It is designed for small and medium sized businesses. Mprofinders is cloud based software […]

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College Campus

College Campus is cloud based application with a number of modules, all in one application, to fulfill the needs of a campus management system. The software integrates different stakeholders of an education institution at the right time there by helping to have a better quality of education.

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Healthcare Managed Hosting

Coeus Hosted Healthcare aims at satisfying the ever-evolving requirements of HIPAA. Coeus Healthcare exceeds these requirements through the use of high-class datacenter certifications, independent audit authorizations, and fully integrated client data management protocols whether you’re a private practice, academic institution or community health system. Coeus Hosted Healthcare is your partner for developing custom on-premise and […]

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Application Stack Hosting

Coeus Application Managed Hosting is our Enterprise Business Application Hosting Services platform. We develop, implement and support all of your companies application needs. From creating complex web infrastructures, load balancing middleware platforms, creating high availability applications to supporting your applications through 24/7 monitoring and stringent security standards for e-commerce, e-banking and corporate sites. Enterprise-class utility, […]

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Datawarehouse Management

Coeus provides cost-effective ERP/MES solutions to a large set of industries and customers in the cloud and on site. Serving businesses in the Engineer-to-Order, Distribution and Service marketplace, Coeus ERP/MES offers the full spectrum of functions, focusing on Engineer-to-Order, Make-to-Order, Assemble-to-Order and Made-to-Stock customers.

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EHR Management

Coeus Eletrconic Healthcare Record Management System is specifically designed with the patient in min. We provide doctors with the ability to fully document and track all interactions between a health care provider and a patient. Coeus Electronic Healthcare Record Management System manages patients long term data assisting doctors by linking multiple interactions over time into […]

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