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We provide 24/7 managed application hosted support, technical support, training, backup, and documentation services designed to ensure your project gets executed efficiently and successfully. We understand the pitfalls of training, support, & maintenance – and we know how to prevent them from bogging down your goals. With advanced hosting capabilities at Coeus System Engineering team members, can deliver extremely secure and reliable application hosting environments. Providing superior application support expertise, we enable your team to focus on your software engineering development strategy, business and your customer’s user experience.

  • Predictable cost:
    Fixed monthly fee
    Reduced capital outlay
  • Proactive system monitoring
  • Ongoing hardware and infrastructure support
  • 24x7x365 Level 1,2,3 support available
  • Reference architecture providing a standardized and secure infrastructure
  • Performance-based service level agreements
  • Highly available infrastructure:
    Redundant communication lines between the organization and Coeus data center
    Optional disaster recovery services

Enterprise Application Migration:

Coeus SAAS/PAAS enterprise migration facilitates enterprises in smooth transition from their existing systems to our Coeus SAAS/PAAS platforms. Our extensive cloud SAAS/PAAS experience and proven methodologies enable us to help clients in simplifying their migration process without experiencing glaring errors, inconsistencies and performance issues.

Let’s Start Your Companies Customer Support Process Together:

Starting your company’s Customer Support Process with Coeus is easy. Simply fill out the request form below, call or email us Our expert team is involved from the very beginning of your request to avoid vision gaps, clearly understand project goals and elaborate the optimal support execution strategy.

Coeus Enterprise Technologies Privacy Policy:

Coeus is 100% committed to your companies intellectual property rights and privacy with regards to your personal and business information to the best of our capabilities. We will take all the appropriate steps to protect your privacy while you are with us online and doing business with our company. We also take stringent security measures to protect your personal and business information in storage. We do not and will not provide any of your personal or business information to other companies or individuals unless expressed by you or your compa