Enterprise Application Testing

Coeus Enterprise Applications Testing Team

Coeus Enterprise Technologies teams of expert software testing engineers have the experience and knowledge to address all of your Q/A Application development testing needs. Our Q/A Testing Team takes extreme pride in on our ability to leverage the power of the latest reiterative q/a validation, load balancing and functional testing driven platform solutions for start-ups, midrange and enterprises companies. Coeus application testing expertise covers several years developing applications for the enterprise sector ensuring a quality product and user experience ensuring the accuracy, reliability and quality of all of your enterprise applications. Coues knows that companies across industries depend on mission-critical enterprise applications to drive their business sales initiatives, support their clients and internal teams.

Coeus Enterprise Applications Testing Process:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Test Planning
  • Test Execution.
  • Defect Management

Coeus Enterprise Applications Tests Capabilities

  • Functional Testing:Coeus brings strong domain knowledge, technical and managerial independence through our proven Functional Testing methodology driven by our IP-based Functional Load balanced Testing framework.
    • Coeus Functional Testing services:
    • System Integration Testing (SIT):Our Load Balanced system integration approach to testing the connectivity of the entire environment from a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and middleware testing services prospective ensures that SOA end to end implementations go smoothly.
    • User Acceptance Testing (UAT):Coeus UAT ensures that there is significant participation from the customer side throughout the UAT. Our clients are the most important part of our UAT planning and their close involvement is essential to our UAT quality and success. Our UAT process ensures that the Software or Application meets all the user needs and is “Functioning as Expected” before final release is considered and further use.Our Software Q/A Team will create a UAT environment mirroring production code, configurations and data to get the exact real-time usage of the application when testing. The test cases are written using real-time industry scenarios and data.

Coeus Key UAT deliverables:

  • Test Plan and Test Cases.
  • Test Results and Error Reports
  • User Acceptance Sign-off
  • Production System.
  • User Sign Off Final Documentation and Training Materials

Test Automation:

The Right Tool Set for the Job

  • Best use of open source and licensed tools as appropriate.
  • Functional Test Automation Tools: QualysGuard, QTP, Winrunner and Watir.
  • Performance Testing Automation Tools: Loadrunner, Microsoft ACT and Apache Jmeter.
  • VisualVM
  • TDA Thread Dump Analysis
  • Eclipse MAT Memory Analysis Tools

Performance Testing

  • Load Balance Testing
  • Large Data and Transaction volume Testing Capacity
  • Stress Testing:
    • Changing software application in shorter release cycles
    • Increasing user base and multiple added load balanced server environments

Compatibility Testing

We confirm the application will work from an end users prospective every user can choose from a number of browsers, operating systems and technology stacks confirming that the that the applications they use are compatible with these.

Security Testing

Coeus Security Services:

  • Identify and remove vulnerabilities in applications and networks
  • Assess and mitigate risks
  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements of business

We offer the following Information Security services:

  • Application Security AssessmentCoeus OWASP scans web application security assessment reveals vulnerabilities and configuration flaws that could lead to unauthorized access, information loss or denial of service. It checks user identification and authentication, input and output validation controls, and vulnerabilities that could potentially exist.
  • Network Security AssessmentCoeus Network Security Scans identify network related threats, design mitigation steps and improve positioning within your company.
  • Vulnerability AssessmentCoeus Vulnerability Assessment is carried out using such automated open source security scanning tools that test for a range of potential weaknesses. Our selected set of VA tools scan specific devices within the organization’s network and identifies latent vulnerabilities. Scans are executed on desktops, critical servers and security devices on the network.
  • Penetration TestingCoeus Penetration Testing is done by simulating the role of an external threat, using information that is publicly available.
  • ISO 27001 ServicesCoeus works hard to ensure that government entities as well as corporate organizations address key issues relating to information security are following strict compliance to ISO 27001. Let the Coeus team help your company understand and adopt controls prescribed by the standard, to suit their business needs using a comprehensive and proven methodology.
  • PCI – DSS ServicesThe Payment Card Industry (PCI) – Data Security Standard (DSS) was adopted by us to encourage and enhance cardholder data security. Coeus PCI experts are here to help commercial and government entities achieve a level of security and solidarity with regard to the PCI – DSS requirements.

Let’s Start Your Companies Q&A Testing Project Together:

Starting your companies Q&A Testing project with Coeus is easy. Simply fill out the request form below, call or email us sales@coeustec.com. All Coeus I.T. project are handled by an expert team of software engineering professionals that always includes a I.T. Project Manager and a Software Test Engineering expert. Our expert team is involved from the very beginning of your request to avoid vision gaps, clearly understand project goals and elaborate the optimal project execution strategy.