Healthcare Application Testing

Coeus Healthcare Application Testing Services and Solutions

Coeus Enterprise Technologies teams of expert software healthcare application testing engineers have the experience and knowledge to address all of your HIPAA / HITECH Application development testing needs. Our Q/A Testing Team takes extreme pride in on our ability to leverage the power of the latest reiterative Q/A validation, load balancing and functional testing driven platform solutions for small to large HealthCare and Health Insurance Organizations.

Coues software healthcare application testing expertise covers several years of Q/A testing applications for the enterprise sector ensuring a quality product and user experience. Coues knows that HealthCare Organizations depend on mission-critical enterprise applications to drive their patient quality of life initiatives, support their clients and internal teams. Coeus understands the importance of healthcare application software testing is essential for your Healthcare Organizations Success.

Coeus assists small to large healthcare organizations in properly following Hipaa Compliance when implementing and utilizing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR). We feel it is our obligation to help you understand, assess and manage the risks related to these systems. Healthcare Software Application failure could adversely affect patient care, patient safety, breach patient confidentiality as well as severely impact day to day business processes. Coeus can assist in the entire phase of your EHR system from development with compliance in mind, to testing and implementation in our Hipaa compliant data center providing 24/7 support.

At Coeus we believe all HealthCare Application projects should Test Early, Test Often

Coeus Helps Health Care Organizations Achieve HIPAA Compliance:

Coeus’s extensive application security testing ensures that your companies software handling patient data has been evaluated for vulnerabilities. This enables organizations to provide evidence that the integrity and privacy of patient information has been protected in accordance with relevant sections of §164.308 to §164.312 of the HIPAA Security Rule as follows:

  • Risk AnalysisCoeus application testing solution allows organization to assess risks and vulnerability in software that handles protected health information.
  • Risk ManagementCoeus enables health care organizations to implement security measures to reduce risk and vulnerabilities in software.
  • IntegrityCoeus Application testing is used to provide evidence that software is free from vulnerabilities that may be used to compromise the integrity of patient information.
  • AuthenticationCoeus application security testing verifies that information such as session identifiers are not vulnerable to authentication attacks.
  • Transmission SecurityCoeus Application security testing is used to ensure that software uses the proper level of encryption for web-based communications.


HIPAA is U.S. Public Law 104-191 — the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Congress created the Act to improve health care enabled by the nation’s health plans and providers. HIPAA mandates standards-based implementations of security controls by all health care organizations that create, store or transmit electronic protected health information. The HIPAA Security Rule governs protection of PHI. Organizations must certify their security programs via self-certification or by a private accreditation entity. Non-compliance can trigger various civil penalties, including fines and/or imprisonment.

HITECH is the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, which brings additional compliance standards to healthcare organizations. It is directly related to HIPAA, and was part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. HITECH requires healthcare organizations to apply “meaningful use” of security technology to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected data. Detailed requirements for HIPAA and HITECH are managed by Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Let’s Start Your Companies HealthCare Application Security Assessment Project Together:

Starting your companies HealthCare Application Security Assessment project with Coeus is easy. Simply fill out the request form below, call or email us All Coeus I.T. project are handled by an expert team of software engineering professionals that always includes a I.T. Project Manager and a Q/A Software Test Engineering expert. Our expert team is involved from the very beginning of your request to avoid vision gaps, clearly understand project goals and elaborate the optimal project execution strategy.

Coeus Enterprise Technologies Privacy Policy:

Coeus is 100% committed to your companies intellectual property rights and privacy with regards to your personal and business information to the best of our capabilities. We will take all the appropriate steps to protect your privacy while you are with us online and doing business with our company. We also take stringent security measures to protect your personal and business information in storage. We do not and will not provide any of your personal or business information to other companies or individuals unless expressed by you or your company.