HTML5 Development

Coeus HTML5-RIA Development Team:

Coeus team of expert software engineers have the experience and knowledge to address all of your HTML5-RIA Rich Internet Application development needs. Our Open Source Development Team takes extreme pride in on our ability to leverage the power of HTML5-RIA delivering beautiful RIA driven platform solutions for start-ups, midrange and enterprises companies.
Coeus delivers full cycle services, from initial business analysis and requirement management to continuous 24/7 hosted production application support and maintenance.

HTML5-RIA Rich Internet Application development:

With the recent improvements to mobile data download delivery using 4G or more advanced technologies through cable and optic fiber demand for enhanced rich data driven web-users experiences has gone up tenfold in just a few years. Interactive Software Development has evolved from games on consoles or P.C.s into the large gaming experiences on Mobile platform.

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)

Coeus HTML5-RIA development empowers your business with solutions that are more:

  • Consistent — Users of your site experience seamless and interactive Real- Rime transactions with no page reload interference which will allow users to be undistracted from the requested action end results.
  • Targeted — The HTML and HTML5-RIA W3C standard technologies give excellent background for development of compelling user interfaces that your customers’ expect and need.
  • Responsive — Real-Time Transaction based applications using HTML5-RIA can easily be created such as real time trading, ecommerce registration or purchasing applications which save bandwidth and perform faster than traditional static HTML or heavy backend code legacy Web applications.

Benefits of HTML5-RIA Development with Coeus Technologies

Coeus Technologies provides core HTML5-RIA services with an expert software development team designing intuitive and highly engaging applications. We provide your legacy applications with HTML5-RIA features like drag and drop editing, real time geo-location services, diagrams, charts and beautiful multimedia components.

The advantages of HTML5-RIA development with Coeus Technologies are:

  • HTML5-RIA delivers enhanced Interactive context menus
  • HTML5-RIA delivers consistent code across different browsers, platforms, and devices which works in multiple environments. HTML5 –RIA “One code to RULE THEM ALL!”
  • HTML5-RIA delivers platform support works on all mobile browsers
  • HTML5-RIA delivers rich multimedia contents and animations
  • HTML5-RIA delivers advanced client-server real-time communication channel abilities
  • HTML5-RIA provides formatted support for publishing e-books
  • HTML5-RIA deliveries Geo-location services abilities
  • HTML5-RIA has advanced UI components Our HTML5-RIA Services

At Coeus Technologies, we offer a wide range of HTML5-RIA services that include:

  • Feature-rich mobile apps development
  • Experience in developing excellent web sites with HTML5-RIA
  • Mobile IOS and Android game development
  • Highly organized and structured HTML5-RIA sites
  • Rich and complex video file handling
  • Clear drag and drop options
  • Customized development service
  • Explore HTML5-RIA to include complex graphics and animation
  • Geo-location services application development

Let’s Start Your Companies HTML5-RIA Project Together:

Starting your companies Development project with Coeus is easy. Simply fill out the request form below, call or email us All Coeus I.T. project are handled by an expert team of software engineering professionals that always includes a I.T. Project Manager and a Development Design Analytic expert. Our expert team is involved from the very beginning of your request to avoid vision gaps, clearly understand project goals and elaborate the optimal project execution strategy.