.Net Development

Coeus Enterprises has an experienced and talented .NET development team utilizes .NET framework to deliver custom ASP .NET applications as well as complex enterprise solutions.. Coeus delivers full cycle services, from initial business analysis and requirement management to continuous 24/7 hosted production application support and maintenance.

.NET Development Services

Coeus offers a hand on customer first approach to delivering tailored cost-effective solutions. We pride ourselves on placing a strong emphasis assisting the client in narrowing down their exact business needs along with cost effectively managing project requirements.

  • Our team defines the best strategy for:
  • .NET ASP and Legacy ASP custom solution development.
  • Project management and risk minimization
  • Enterprise solutions implementation, maintainability and production support

Coeus has solid well established development and project management methodologies practiced by experienced .NET developers providing high software quality.

Our .NET ASP Development services include:

  • Custom ASP.NET web enterprise development
  • Legacy ASP code or another programming language existing application improvement, including complete application refactoring
  • New ASP .NET application integration with current legacy systems along with production support services
  • ASP Ecommerce Web integration, including secure payment gateways integration, ecommerce Data-Warehousing and full application hosting support.
  • Legacy Application migration to .NET
  • Database and data migration to Data Warehousing Platform.
  • Custom .NET Application deployment
  • On-Premise or Custom Application Hosting ongoing 24/7 support and maintenance
  • Continuous application improvement and patching support.

Coeus .NET Domain Expertise:

Coeus .Net developers have years of experience in building enterprise grade web applications and internet business solutions.

Software Architecture Design:

Coeus Architectural design recommendation goals are to increase application maintainability and workflow transparency our development team separates data tier from the business logic and keeps data access and manipulation at the persistence layer — through object-relational mapping with ADO .NET Entity Framework and general-purpose query facilities provided by .NET LINQ.

Software Database Management Systems:

Coeus widely utilizes Microsoft SQL Server as the primary DBMS which makes .NET application development smooth and cost-effective. At the same time applications may operate in a heterogeneous environment with multiple database technologies involved.Coeus is skilled in a variety of database engines which allows using Open Source DBMS’s support for MySQL, PostGresSQL and SQLite with .NET solutions.

Software Interoperability:

In an API driven world of technology it is vital for complex applications to support automated data exchange and have versatile integration capabilities. Coeus provides them through competence in WCF and in-depth knowledge of ODATA, .NET Remoting, WSDL, UDDI, XML / XML Schema and HTTP.

Workflow-oriented Application Design:

Coeus develops enterprise web applications that support sophisticated business processes. We concentrate on making software configuration, execution and improvement of application workflows easy and understandable for users and administrators. Coeus possesses the development expertise in WF and TPL, which helps us in creating highly manageable, productive and user friendly applications.

Let’s Start Your Companies .NET Project Together:

Starting your companies Development project with Coeus is easy. Simply fill out the request form below, call or email us sales@coeustec.com. All Coeus I.T. project are handled by an expert team of software engineering professionals that always includes a I.T. Project Manager and a Development Design Analytic expert. Our expert team is involved from the very beginning of your request to avoid vision gaps, clearly understand project goals and elaborate the optimal project execution strategy.